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Feb. 27th - Previously Reviewed Purchases

Item Purchased: Maxwell Street Polish Sausage w/Fries
Price: $1.00 w/tax
Review: (LINK)
Note: Tomorrow is the last day for Maxwell Street Grill’s $1 sandwiches between the hours of 3PM and 5PM. I decided to beat all of the other unhealthy food fanatics to the rush by going there for a late lunch today. Man, what a mistake! Now I know why I don’t eat at that place too often. After eating my polish sausage, I felt as if I had been drugged by a sleazy man in a leisure suit in a dark bar. I’m not sure if it is all of the nitrates or the detritus that is bound to be floating in their deep frier due to all of the construction going on in the area and the wide-open windows along the front of the restaurant. The crowd outside of Maxwell’s was ridiculous today and the traffic on Union street was like something you would see in a disaster movie directed by Jerry Bruckheimer… complete standstill! The man waiting in line behind me expressed his intentions to buy one of each of the seven sandwiches Maxwell’s has to offer. Great! Nice knowing you! That’s enough crap to send a methadone addict into OD! Remind me never to eat at Maxwell’s on an empty (or healthy) stomach again.

Item Purchased: Small Kenya AA Coffee
Review: (LINK)

Item Purchased: Cinnamon Chip Scone from Caribou Coffee
Review: (LINK)

Item Purchased: Killian’s Irish Red Premium Lager (6 pk)
Review: (LINK)

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