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Trader Joe’s Refresh Citrus Conditioner (16 fl oz)

Item Purchased: Trader Joe’s Refresh Citrus Conditioner (16 fl oz)
Location Purchased: Trader Joe’s / 1840 N. Clybourn Ave. / Chicago, IL
Price: $1.99 + tax

Review: What Trader Joe’s Shampoo lacks in the softening and moisturizing department, this conditioner makes up for. There is an even stronger scent of citrus in this viscous white hair lotion than in a freshly cut orange. Sometimes, early in the morning before drinking my first cup of coffee, I have almost tasted this conditioner because of its great smell. The only thing that has stopped me is the fact that my hair isn’t long enough to put into my mouth.

My hair is left feeling soft and manageable after rubbing and rinsing with this conditioner. Who could ask for anything more at such a great price?

Rating: 4 / 5

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