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Bowl of Chili from Quiznos

Item Purchased: Bowl of Chili from Quiznos
Location Purchased: Quiznos / 1332 S. Halsted / Chicago, IL
Price: $3.29 + tax

Review: At first glance, Quizno’s Chili looks appetizing with the robust red beans, chunks of tomatoes and celery slices swimming throughout. Even the meat looks adequate amongst the red chili sauce, but when you bite into it, you realize it is no better than a step above the kind of pressed meat you find in T.V. dinners. There is no doubt in my mind that it is real beef (or at least sausage), but I’d be willing to be that the grade of said meat is not the highest on the market. Not that I want gourmet meat from a sandwich shop like Quiznos, but their sandwiches always taste fresh, so why can’t the Chili?

The other noticeable factor in purchasing this bowl (read: styrofoam cup) of chili is that a cup size and a bowl size are not too much different. You will pay about a dollar more for a bowl than a cup and only receive about half that much more in Chili value.

A tasty snack for a warm day, but not spicy enough for my taste, and if you are going to buy, buy a cup.

Rating: 3 / 5

Note (12/07/2005): Okay, this shit has to stop. There is nothing in this area that’s healthy or economical for a quick lunch break at the bookstore. Next week, I’m going to load up a shopping bag with food supplies for the entire week. I’m going to hunker down and take over a healthy portion of the refrigerator in the back office and treat it as if I was trapped in the Antarctic with limited rations. I’m sick of eating the same shit over and over again every Monday-Thursday. And it’s not the same part that has me sick…it’s the shit. This Sunday, I’m hitting the Trader Joe’s or even the Jewel with a vengeance so I don’t have to suffer this workaday existence with seran wrapped convenience food and fast-grilled grease bombs in my stomach.

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