The lithuanian daily newspaper, Lietuvos Rytas, published a story about online review culture. I was interviewed about by the reporter and quite a bit of what I said made it into the article. I just wish I could read Lithuanian. While I’d love to read the article itself, I’d REALLY LOVE to read the comments on the newspaper’s website regarding the article.

(Link to Story)


The Forum is back in action!

Feel free to congregate and loiter there to discuss,, your projects or whatever else strikes your fancy.

I appologize to anyone who was a member of the old forum. All posts and profiles have been lost and you will have to sign up for access again. I am using PHPBB ver. 3 beta 5 which will allow for less spam and more usability.

Go to the Forum: Click!

Note to PodPeople!: You can now watch The Consumatron Minute on your iPod or Apple TV by subscribing to my iTunes feed! Carry me with you wherever you go!


After printing out all of my .php, .css and .html code on dead trees, sharpie-ing the hell out of it and meticulously analyzing every parenthesis and bracket, I found one tiny line of typo-ed code that was causing all of my Internet Explorer woes (well, not all of them, but all of them regarding the layout of the site). and should look just fine, regardless of the browser you use. If anyone sees any layout problems on any of the sites, please let me know and I will address it as soon as possible.

Thanks for sticking with me, regular reviews return today.


It’s been brought to my attention that the right sidebar jumps to the bottom of the page when you view the site with Internet Explorer.


I’m not really sure why anyone would use IE instead of Firefox anyway… but I’ll work on the page layout next weekend.


I did it. I kicked that good for nothing host provider to the curb and moved over to a new one. Not only that, but since I was already on the new beginnings tip, I decided to switch over to Wordpress instead of sticking with Blogger. For those of you who haven’t used Wordpress before, I can only compare it to driving a brand new BMW after selling your ten year old Ford Tempo.

As you can see, the site has been redesigned. I’m not sure if the color scheme is going to stay, but I’ve literally spent this entire day coding php and wordpress templates. I’m not about to worry about wallpaper tonight.

A few other changes that you should note:

  • While I was transferring all of the posts over from my old Blogger account, I was unable to save the comments. All of the original posts and comments will remain up on, but will be a little tough to navigate. I am truly sorry for this. Comments are the best part of blogging. If anyone has any ideas on how I can bring those comments over here, please let me know!
  • Mediatron is no more. All of the reviews and posts previously on Mediatron have been integrated into the main blog here at Since I am now reviewing things as they are consumed, and not necessarily on the day of my purchase, I figure the delayed reviews of media (books/music/concerts/theater/movies/etc…) will fit right into the flow of things around here. Also, with the start of The Consumatron Minute, I was beginning to have way too many blogs to check/update each day. This brings it back down to two and that’s a reasonable number to work with.
  • Along with the comments, the forum has also died. A new forum will be erected in its memory, but unfortunately, a corrupted database and my lack of patience telling me to cut my losses has arrived us at the decision to start anew. I hope you will all join me in the new forum when it goes up!

That’s about all. There are bound to be screwed up links and little sputters of weirdness in this new place. Regardless of how trivial it is, please please, please, PLEASE… leave a comment. Screwed up link? Pictures overlapping on words? Did I misspell something? Tell me. Please.

Thank you for sticking with me. Let’s try and make an even better place to spend our online time… as bloggers and readers.

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