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Mediterranean Spread Appetizer from Miller’s Pub

Item Purchased: Mediterranean Spread Appetizer from Miller’s Pub
Location Purchased: Miller’s Pub / 134 S. Wabash / Chicago, IL
Price: $5.75 + tax

Review: How many hours have I spent on late nights after work sucking down Mr. Walker and dipping my pita into Miller’s near perfect hummus?

No… Really… How long? I feel as if it has been enough to fill a few lifetimes. If I were alone, I’d be a sad character in someone’s gritty urban tale of Chicago. Fortunately, Miller’s Pub becomes my haunt after a long day of work when I am surrounded by friends… Or at least equally surly and hungry co-workers. We moan, we bitch, we drink, we eat med spreads.

$5.75 throws you quite a way down the alley of life at Miller’s too. What you get is a large oval plate layered with a bed of decorative lettuce, thick cucumber slices, thick jalepeno peppers, a block of feta cheese, a handful of meaty kalamata olives waiting to be sucked and pitted and two opposing flowers of pita slices. In the center of all of this sits two ceramic vats. One is a creamy cucumber sauce while the other is a moist hummus that goes well with almost anything else you order from Miller’s menu. I’ve always had one or two helpers to finish this appetizer platter, yet this is mostly by circumstance and brute force. I am certain I could finish an entire spread myself if there weren’t so many wriggling grabbing fingertips in my way.

I suppose this is why my table usually contains two of these dishes at any given moment during my late-nights at this place. If you don’t want to end up as a sad barfly in someone else’s debut novel, just order a Mediterranean spread and you’ll instantly acquire friends. Just be sure to save me the olives.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

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