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Weekly Buy Nothing Day - Happy New Year!

Today is a Buy Nothing Day. Probably the last one of the year. This will probably also be the last post of the year. I’m hosting a small New Year’s Party as well as The Human Baton (aka Running Fool) from the Ze Frank forums on Sunday.

I hope you all had a great 2006! Thanks for sticking with me, commenting, e-mailing, participating.

Happy New Year!

Reviews resume on Jan. 2nd.

I’m not the kind of guy who makes a whole lot of resolutions, but it seems like I have quite a few this year. Some of my resolutions:

-To quit buying cigarettes (see that I didn’t say quit smoking… because we all know that’s a lie… this way I either have to bum one or wait for the charity of a friend. Luckily, my roommate bought me a carton for Christmas… ) . I want to quit smoking by the time I’m thirty and stop giving my money to the tobacco industry (as well as those Truth.com ads that never tell me anything I don’t already know).

-Save money (see above) so I can travel more and fund more interesting projects.

-Finish book and tour it, even if it means reading in front of crowds of one persons (more on this soon).

-Lose the winter gut

-Update/expand Consumatron.com with varied content such as video, contests, etc… (keep an eye on the forum for more info)

-Communicate more with you.

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