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Been Conventioning

My job required me to be in attendance at the National Restaurant Association Show here in Chicago for the last 4 days. That’s why it’s been a bit quiet here at Consumatron lately.

I was able to try hundreds of foods and beverages while I was there, but it was all free. Though I consumed, I wasn’t a consumer… just a potential consumer.

I will share with you this small tidbit of consumer absurdity, though. Starbucks usually sells a tall coffee for under two dollars. At the convention center, the Starbucks was selling the same over roasted drip coffee for $3.50!!! Instead of partaking in that ridiculousness, I simply scoured the exhibition floors for as many sample coffees and complimentary espressos I could find. I hate how places turn honest businessmen into suckers simply by default.

Also, I’d like to give a quick shout out to the Freshening company, whose product I reviewed last year after meeting employee, Freddy Moh. I stopped by their booth at this year’s show to say hi. Though Freddy wasn’t in town, the woman working the Freshening booth told me that the review had been sent around the company and she remembered reading it. It’s things like this that make the business world seem not so mechanical…because it’s not, you know. It’s people interacting with people. Thanks for interacting, Freddy! If you are in the need for moist towelettes with your logo on them, please consider interacting with the nice people at Freshening!

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