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Coffee, 2 Eggs Scrambled, Hash Browns & Wheat Toast from George Webb

Item Purchased: 2 Eggs Scrambled, Hash Browns & Wheat Toast from George Webb
Location Purchased: George Webb Restaurant / N88 W16747 Appleton Ave. / Menomonee Falls, WI
Price: $5.04 w/tax
Purchased on: 05/27/07

Review: Why on this green and blue ball of bacteria, when I was about to be fed more food than any one human being could dream of needing from my parents’ overstuffed refrigerator, would I choose to eat this grease puddle breakfast plate from a ubiquitous Wisconsin diner staple?

I can offer you two answers.

First, George Webb offers substantial (and substantially heart-clogging) breakfasts for extremely low prices. More importantly, though, is that George Webb’s, in all of its side-of-the road un-impressiveness, represents an era in my Wisconsin upbringing with only a cup of coffee or a grease streak on a fork scraped plate. Many hours of my childhood and teenage years were spent in one or another of these 24-hour grease pits with friends or a good book, filling my arteries with liquefied fat and mounting cups of weak coffee. Everyone should have a diner that reminds them of pseudo philosophical conversation and attitude filled waitresses. Mine just happens to be George Webb.

The food is nothing you haven’t had a million times before at a Denny’s, Perkin’s or on a campfire griddle. The words “eggs” or “toast” on the menu translate as “butter and ________.” Butter or lard is the foundation for everything but the coffee and the coffee is the fancy name they give to hot colored water that you are supposed to supersaturate with sugar. The toast could even be squeezed for more butter if you needed it, but the thing that keeps me coming back is George Webb’s hash browns.

The hash brown is a beautiful invention itself, but what makes it even more beautiful is when the grated fried potato strips not only threaten to slide off your fork if you don’t shovel them into your mouth fast enough, but also drip freely with the vein clogger that everything at GW is cooked in. The buttery fatty full flavor with just a hint of simultaneously crispy and soggy potato taste that these browns provide is probably one of the unhealthiest breakfast elements one can find in a diner. It is also most of the reason I keep coming back to George Webb’s whenever I find myself in Wisconsin.

Did I mention that I had a filling breakfast (with coffee) for only five dollars? Yeah. That’s the other reason.

Rating: 4 / 5

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