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Milanesa Meal from Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant

Item Purchased: Milanesa Meal from Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant
Location Purchased: Irazu / 1865 N. Milwaukee Ave. / Chicago, IL
Price: $12.50 + tax

Review: Man, Irazu… You were doing so well during the first course! It doesn’t take much to figure out that this dish of breaded beef slathered with a tangy tomato sauce and melted cheese has its roots in the cuisine of Milan, Italy. If it weren’t for the name, however, I would have guessed that it had its roots in the cuisine of Hungry Man Frozen Dinners, Freezer Section.

The cabbage salad, yellow rice and refried beans that came with this rubbery and flat steak were fantastic. The plantains were the best I’ve had in Chicago. All of that would be great if I were ordering the side order entree, but I wasn’t. I was ordering a breaded steak that came out tasting like a crusty leftover hamburger.

All of the other reviews I’ve read of Irazu say that their steaks are fantastic. I may try these in the future, but I won’t be rushing back for the taste of Milan via Costa Rica.

Rating: 1 / 5

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