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Trader Ming’s Chinese Mustard Flavor Won Ton Chips (7 oz. bag)

Item Purchased: Trader Ming’s Chinese Mustard Flavor Won Ton Chips (7 oz. bag)
Location Purchased: Trader Joe’s / 44 E. Ontario St. / Chicago, IL
Price: $0.99 + tax
Purchased on: 08/21/07

Review: Damn Trader Joe’s for having junk food I actually enjoy! I try so hard to stay away from the chip aisle at the grocery store, but that’s not so easy when the chip aisle is right next to the bee aisle, let me tell you! Furthermore, an average bag of oil and salt at your average grocery will run you an average of three dollars and will taste like an average snack.

Trader Joe’s (oh, excuse me… Trader Ming’s… didn’t you know that Joe translates into Ming in Chinese?.. No special Chinese characters or anything… amazing!) Won Ton chips actually taste like what you expect them to taste like… Won tons! I understand that this is a shock to most of the snack-eating population. Most bagged snacks from the store taste like something else entirely. Potato chips taste like the residue left on a plate of a well buttered cob of corn, pretzels taste like fossilized styrofoam and Doritos taste like… well… Doritos… no matter the flavor.

These chips, however, actually taste like fried won ton wrappers. The powdered mustard on this particular flavor is nothing special and could stand to be spicier if Trader Joe’s wants to meet the expectations of their eaters, but all in all, this is a greasy, filling treat that also tastes like the elements of its whole.

And damn, it’s so cheap!

Rating: 3.75 / 5

3 Responses to “Trader Ming’s Chinese Mustard Flavor Won Ton Chips (7 oz. bag)”

  1. Mary Dombrowski Says:

    I’m devastated! JUst heard that TJ’s isn’t carrying the chinese mustard wontom chips anymore….what can I do? Is there another outlet for them????

  2. chris Says:

    I think if we could get as many people we can to write to trader joe’s and tell them we love these chips maybe they would listen. It is worth a try. I love them and they have no transfat. Why would trader joe’s stop selling them. I just don’t get it.

  3. petsiko household Says:

    Dear Trader Joes,

    We can only agree with Mary and Chris above…

    please, please bring back the Trader Ming’s wonton chips…they were absolutely the best. They were a great appetizer before enjoying the Trader Joe Potstickers…..an easy meal and super delicious as well…

    Although at this time we are only a handful commenting, there are probably more people with the same feelings.
    Dear TJ, thank you so much for considering our plea.
    kind regards, the Petsikos from Long Island

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