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Thank you.

I know things have been scattered around here and on my videoblog lately, so I’m humbled and infinitely thankful for those of you who keep checking in. Frequency should be increasing after the holiday now that I am back to a somewhat regular schedule. I’m clean slating it, though, so those chili ingredients you see on my flickr stream won’t be reviewed. The chili was great, though so I’ll probably end up buying them again.

Again, thank you all. This experiment wouldn’t be as interesting without all of you commenting and e-mailing and reading.

I hope you all have the very best time debating politics and lifestyle choices with your friends and loved ones tomorrow.

And remember, the family time doesn’t have to turn into fierce marketplace competition when the clock strikes midnight.

Keep celebrating on Friday! It’s Buy Nothing Day!

One Response to “Thankful”

  1. Jaide Says:

    (this is my abashed face) I have to break the buy-nothing-day rule, and buy food. ;( We had SNOW in West Texas yesterday and everyone spent the day drinking up the fluids and eating up the fresh goods!

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