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Consumer Bites: 04/27/08

  • My friend Erik has decided to start a project in response to rising food prices. For one week, he will not be making any food purchases. Instead, he’ll be eating what he already has (fully displayed in the picture above). He’s currently inviting people to join in and attempt to do the same. I would do so, but I tend to only buy what ingredients I need for dinner at any given time and rarely stockpile food (even against the recent warnings). I can relate, however, with withholding myself from certain purchases. I used to resist new purchases because I didn’t have the time to review them. If you’d like to try using what you already have, please take a look at Erik’s site and sign up for the project. (link)

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    For anyone slightly baffled by the lack of picture or links, see the following for the explanation:


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