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2 - Cups of Coffee from The Lyric Opera of Chicago

Item Purchased: 2 - Cups of Coffee from The Lyric Opera of Chicago
Location Purchased: Lyric Opera of Chicago / 20 N. Wacker / Chicago, IL
$2.50 ea.

Review: I don’t know what kind of coffee this was. I also don’t know of a universe where decent people deem it acceptable to charge $2.50 for an 8 oz. cup of coffee. I mean, you dress in a suit and tie and that makes highway robbery acceptable? I’d run over anyone who tries to rob me on the highway whether they were wearing oversized sweat pants or a suit. The only problem is that I don’t drive. So, I guess that means I will quietly sip my $2.50 generic 8 oz. coffee and let the decorous surroundings of the Lyric Opera House put my mind at ease…

…Until I take the first sip of my coffee that is, and realize that this coffee is luke warm at best! If only my glass of wine had been this warm, my stomach would then know what to do with itself.

As it stands, my stomach remains perplexed, and the rest of me followed during the third act of the Opera!

My only hope (and I mean this sincerely) is that the larger percentage of the proceeds from my cup of coffee go toward paying the musicians and actors, and not just the office supply bill for the Opera’s higher-ups. If I knew that the artists were getting what they deserve, I would gladly pay $5.00 for my 8 oz.

Well… maybe not gladly… but I WOULD pay.

Rating: 0.75 / 5

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