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Cup of Coffee from Kristoffer’s Cafe

Item Purchased: Cup of Coffee from Kristoffer’s Cafe
Location Purchased: Kristoffer’s Cafe / 1733 S. Halsted / Chicago, IL
Price: $1.64 + tax

Review: Cheap food, friendly staff, strong coffee and free wireless internet! I’ve passed this place hundreds of times on my way to the Skylark, but today was my first time inside.

You have a choice if you are staying in the cafe to sip your coffee, read the paper and check your e-mail. You can either take a cup at a time for $1.64 or pay $4.00 for a bottomless cup. Since I only had one refill, I went the economical route and paid for each cup but if I ever had a day off, I could easily see myself curled up at the corner table of Kristoffer’s with slight jitters, a belly full of Intelligentsia coffee and only $4 lighter in the wallet.

Yes, you read right, another Chicago cafe serving Chicago’s own Intelligentsia brand coffee. From the taste of it, Kristoffer’s brews the medium roast, which is as dark as I like to get with my coffee. There is no cream on the counter at Kristoffer’s. Instead, the friendly employee (owner?) took a carton of cream from the refrigerator and gently poured it into my coffee until I said when. I like that. Real interaction with your purchase. The embryonic stages of communication in action. Friendly neighborhood cafes like Kristoffer’s are exactly what I look for when I go out for my morning cup of coffee. Notice that I didn’t buy a coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts today! Pretty impressive, huh?

Well, I’m impressed.

I have a feeling that Kristoffer’s will be a recurring morning stop for me before work. It’s right down the street from the bookstore where I work and has an atmosphere that’s worth a half a mile trek in the snow.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

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