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Custom Printed Consumatron Hoodie Sweatshirt

Item Purchased: Custom Printed Consumatron Hoodie Sweatshirt
Location Purchased: Cafepress.com
Price: $24.99 + shipping

Review: My friend once made some shirts with truthful and thought provoking slogans on them through Cafepress.com. I bought this one and wore it constantly while attending various protests around the country. Despite the convenient service of print-on-demand custom wearables, I always thought that their prices were a bit high.

I was wrong.

While thinking of ways to publicize this website with little or no cost, I stumbled back to cafepress.com and discovered that you can get this warm and comfortable hoodie for less than you would pay for a brand new sweatshirt anywhere in Chicago. Then, I noticed that you can upload not one, but two images to the site: one for the front of the shirt and one for the back. Most T-shirt shops and printers I have been to would charge nearly $40.00 for this service. With this in mind, I decided to give Cafepress.com a try.

My last concern was that the graphic I uploaded to the site would become blurry or pixellated when blown up to the full ten inches allowed for a shirt image. Because there was text on both of my images, this was a major concern for me. I wanted to wear this shirt in order to generate interest in the site, so a pixellated mish-mash would do me no good.

As I tore open the shipping bag that the shirt arrived in like an only child on christmas, my eyes lit up at what I saw. The graphics are large and crisp. The text is easily readable from varying distances. I am wearing the shirt as I write this and still can’t believe the value and quality of my purchase.

Cafepress.com also allows me to offer my designs and products for sale. The idea is that I set the price above their base price and get paid the earnings from the increase. I am actually offering this shirt for sale on the site, but am only upping the price one dollar. Why ruin a perfectly affordable service and a perfectly good hoodie by being greedy?

Just be sure you remember me when you win the next season of Survivor.

So, if you are interested in buying a hoodie, follow the link below. Better yet, make your own Consumatron.Com gear and sport it around town.

Just be sure to send me pictures either way!

As a final thought, I was disappointed to find out that Cafepress.com uses Hanes clothing. Hanes is a large perpetrator of sweatshop labor. However, recently, Cafepress.com has begun using American Apparel shirts. The prices are a bit higher, but in the long run, you are making an investment in human rights. If you would like to contact Cafepress.com with your concerns, please follow this link: Tell Cafepress.com To Stop Using Sweatshop Labor! They are making steps in the right direction. Let’s keep urging them to continue down this path.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Buy a hoodie from Cafepress.com: Consume.

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