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Marlboro Blend 27 Cigarettes (Hardpack)

Item Purchased: Marlboro Blend 27 Cigarettes (Hardpack)
Location Purchased: Union Station Convenience Kiosk / 225 S. Canal / Chicago, IL
Price: $7.45

Review: After quitting my disgusting habit of smoking for one day in honor of Buy Nothing Day, I was fiending a bit. So, when I got off of the train to Chicago, I stopped at the first kiosk I came upon in Union station, threw my duffel bag to the ground and bought a pack of cigarettes. Talk about mindless consumerism! Couldn’t I have waited another hour or two after a 30+ hour smoking fast to light up rather than spend a ridiculous $7.45 on a pack of smokes? Marlboros nonetheless! An evil Phillip Morris company and my third-string brand!

Well, fate had a way of teaching me a lesson because when I got outside and attempted to light up, I found that I had lost my lighter. Not only that, but no one around me was smoking! Talk about mindless consumerism made allegory through bad habits! It wasn’t until I got home a half hour later that I was able to light up for the first time. Everyone on the streets was running frantically to the next store, intoxicated by big city Thanksgiving weekend shopping. No one had time for anyone or anything but long, stuffy lines and the melodies of scanners and cash registers.

I’m not sure what disgusted me more, the sight of people hustling and bustling or my own waste of money and addiction.

Marlboro 27’s are the only Marlboro brand cigarette I can stand. They have a musky full flavor without the harsh sting that most Marlboros carry with them. The signature Marlboro Reds always seem to leave me with a burning throat and a rancid taste in my mouth. Not that any cigarette will leave your mouth tasting minty fresh (not even menthol folks, which, IMHO, is a sacrilege to the ritual of smoking anyway…never mix your cigarettes and your after-dinner mints), but when killing yourself is one of your hobbies, I find that it is best to choose the lesser of two evils. Best of all, you can find Marlboro 27s almost anywhere cigarettes are sold. Not so easy with American Spirits or Camel Turkish Royals.

Even over priced train station kiosks sell them!

Rating: 3 / 5

Note (01/17/06): Do you ever notice how the two-for-one packs of cigarettes aren’t actually two-for-one? I could buy one pack of these cigarettes for six bucks and some change, but when I get a two-for-one “deal,” they cost me $7.33?!

8 Responses to “Marlboro Blend 27 Cigarettes (Hardpack)”

  1. dave Says:

    ok kevin wow your going to bitch about the extra buck thirty when you get another compleat pack of thees delisious little gifts from heaven

  2. missing my 27's and camel filters Says:

    after missing my go-to brand of cigarettes for quite sometime now, i ended up on this page after googling “marlboro 27s”. i recently moved to Korea for a short stay, and to my displeasure i found that they dont even have those precious 27’s in this countries. the only foreign brands they have here are parliaments (which honestly do NOT taste like parliaments at all), marlboro reds, and dunhills. who the hell smokes dunhills? (im from california)

  3. john Says:

    these are so good

  4. the matthew Says:

    ok, i dont want anymore trash talking about my 27’s. there delicious and they’ll kick any other cigarettes ass. and when i went to korea, i was smart and brought 4 cartons over there, dumb dumb.

  5. Jules Says:

    i’ve only been smoking now for 7 years and im 16, but i do agree that 27s are the best, they match up well to some specific camels but they are deff better then camels or any other kind of marlboro

  6. Andy Says:

    No.27s Can’t hold a candle to the Camel Turkish Royal! Just open a pack of Camel Turkish Royal and smell the rich different taste they have, not to mention the True rich mellow flavor! No.27s are a poor imitation done by marlboro to imitate the “Rich Mellow” Flavor that Turkish Royal has!
    You people should read more about tobacco first then chose your brand, go google Oriental tobacco aka Turkish tobacco and see how it is superior to any other tobacco, and how it is mixed by Camel to bring out it’s flavor and character like taste connoiseurs mix cold water with scotch whisky to bring out the nose and taste characteristics of it!

  7. californiandkorean Says:

    missing my 27’s and camel filters Says:
    August 10th, 2007 at 3:40 am
    hey the person on number 2 I totally agree with you I am living in california right now but I’m originally from korea and I am afraid what I am going to do when I go back without with 27’s i don’t want to think about it
    why don’t they have it though I mean common they have marlboro lights and reds and some other shitty cigs but 27’s is the best and I don’t want to buy other ones
    maybe only way is buying a carton before I go back

  8. stephanie Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your “27″ experience, that happened to be posted 3 1/2 years ago. It made me laugh and just so happen to alter my state of mind from, “Phuk, my back hurts and i hate the lighting in my apartment..” to “jesus christ, i’m having so much fun search engin-ing and reading random blogs!” you seem to be on the right track and i hope you are taking life less seriously (the good way).
    thanks for the enjoyment!

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