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Consumer News and Links for Dec. 29th

From the 2 Cents A Day Is Better Than None department:

-Richard D. North at the Times tells us why our addiction to our wasteful consumer culture is good for us. It’s liberating, he says… and it helps the world’s poor, he says. And you thought you had to be an ethical person, give to charity and care about your fellow man. Fuck no! Just spend as much as you can and everything will be just fine! North does admit that not all is perfect with our consumer affluence though. For instance, he wishes that a Big Mac was more like a Whopper. (The Times Online)

From the Wires Are For The Birds department:

-Today on Woot.com, you can get a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, PC headset and webcam all for $34.99 shipped. As soon as woot offers a 6-foot flatscreen moniter, you will be able to sit on your couch while picking up girls in chat rooms! (Woot.com)

From the International Inaction department:

-The Telegraph in Calcutta, India has an article about the recent surge of home fitness equipment sales. It seems that workers are finding less time to actually walk somewhere so they need to have something to keep in shape during their off hours. I find it interesting that first there is major concern about the outsourcing of American jobs to India and now we are outsourcing our working family fitness methods. When can we outsource Paris Hilton and Desperate Housewives? Those are two things I wouldn’t mind seeing shipped overseas…for good. (The Telegraph)

From the Apple Employs Ex-Lunch Ladies department:

-KHON2 News (The Team That Knows Hawaii) reports that Rachel Cambra of Mililani put a $300 iPod Video on layaway so she could afford it for her son’s Christmas gift. On Christmas morning, Cambra’s son opened his gift wide eyed and smiling only to find a shrink-wrapped slab of unidentified meat instead. The iPod was purchased at the Walmart where Cambra works. The store has agreed to replace the iPod. According to KHON2 News, No one knows how the mystery meat got inside the package. Well… I know I’m not part of the team who knows Hawaii, but if I had any say in it, I’d begin by interviewing the Walmart employees who are in charge of the layaway department. KHON also reports, Apple couldn’t be reached for comment. Of course not! First of all, it was a SLAB OF RAW MEAT! As far as I know, Apple doesn’t stock their vending machines with deli cuts and production on the iSteak isn’t slated to begin until oh… never! Secondly (and most importantly), the iPod was from WALMART! Really now, does that surprise anyone at all? (KHON2 News via Gizmodo)

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