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Consumer News and Links for Dec. 30th

From the Barter Is Smarter department:

-It’s less than 48 hours until the New Year and I have a lot of cleaning to do before our blowout New Years party gets underway. I’m not sure why I even clean the place. I mean we break stuff at midnight (our own version of the New Years ball drop consists of a wooden ramp structure and several bowling balls…this year, we’re smashing a television) and litter our floor with ceramic and glass. So why, instead of sweeping and hauling out bags of garbage, am I sifting through my CD collection? Because, Millennium Music, Movies and Books is offering iPods in exchange for your old CDs. For 175 CDs, you can trade the folks at Millennium for a 60GB iPod! I used to work at a used music store back in Wisconsin, so over the years I have amassed more CDs than I know what to do with. Plus, it is always good to purge your posessions every once in a while. (and if you can get a new toy for your cleaning troubles, why not? Don’t have 175 CDs you can part with? For 45 of them, you can score an iPod shuffle. Check the website for details. Now, I swear I will take out the garbage when I decide whether I can part with my Radiohead singles or not. (Millennium CDs for iPods offer)

From the Woot Is The Echo In My Wallet department:

-Curse you woot! If only this HP F1903 19″ Monitor (for only $244.99 shipped) were a woot before I dug…no, meteored myself into credit card debt for the holidays, I would be snatching up one of these puppies. Grr…. (Woot.com)

From the And You Thought You Turned A Profit! department:

-It only took Amazon.com several years to make an actual profit. Now, you can exploit one of their policies to get money back on a price-dropped item automatically. If you buy something from Amazon.com and the price drops within 30 days of your purchase, you are entitled to a refund of the difference. The website, amazoncreditsyou.com has thrown together a script that automatically checks your purchases and lets you know if and when the price drops by e-mail so you can claim your refund. My advice… use this before Amazon.com changes their policy! ( via Digg Spy)

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