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Fellowes NEATO Colored CD/DVD Slim Jewel Cases (25 pk)

Item Purchased:
Location Purchased: Target / 1154 S. Clark St. / Chicago, IL
Price: $7.99 + tax (gift card used for purchase)

Review: I needed some jewel cases for the mix CDs I make every year for close friends and for people who attend my New Years party. Having exhausted the extra cases I amassed from magazine inserts and ruined CD burns over the year, I had a spindle of about 45 more CDs without food or shelter.

These jewel cases are affordable, sturdy and packaged in quantities of 25 unlike the rest of the brands at Target that come in packs of 20. Some people get pissy about the color-tinted cases, but I personally don’t care. It is a device to carry and protect your CD and liner notes. Not a fashion statement people! Unlike other brands, these cases have opaque white back pieces instead of a uniform color throughout. Again… doesn’t matter to me. The cases are sturdy and get the job done.

My only complaint is that when I unwrapped the plastic around the brick of cases, the top case was cracked down the middle. Would it be that much of a hassle for jewel case manufacturers to insert a piece of cardboard into the top case to prevent such product damage? Or better yet, package these cases with those little pads of blank liner notes that most other brands include and slide those into the first case. Problem solved!

Rating: 3.75 / 5

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