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Señorío de Nava Tinto Wine 2003 (750 ml bottle)

Item Purchased: Señorío de Nava Tinto Wine 2003 (750 ml bottle)
Location Purchased: Lush Wine & Spirits / 1306 S. Halsted / Chicago, IL
Price: $10.75 + tax

Review: I bought this bottle of wine for my upcoming New Year’s Eve party, so I haven’t opened it yet. Fortunately, I have been lucky enough to have made the acquaintance of Erica at Lush Wine & Spirits, who let me sample a bit of this wine. First off, let me say that Lush is a great little wine shop that just opened up in the University Village on South Halsted. Specializing in imported wines, a small but exquisite selection of beer and liquor and great customer service, I have a feeling that Lush will be a familiar place to me. You should stop in and give them a look. At any given moment, there will be at least 15 different wines opened and ready for your palette.

The wine. I don’t usually buy a lot of wine. When I do, it is a cheap Shiraz. Of course, I haven’t been properly introduced to good wines before. Now that I have Erica and co. at Lush as my guide, I have a feeling I will be drinking a lot more and a wider variety of the grape juice of adults everywhere.

Señorío de Nava is a winemaker out of Spain, located in Nava de Roa. The grapes used in making their wines come from the lush and fertile ground on the coast of the Duero River. This particular wine, which seems to be their basic red, is almost better tasting than any wine I have tried before. Unlike most red wines I am used to drinking, the smell of this particular wine hits you far before your lips greet the liquid. A soothing and bold fruit scent wafts from the glass as you raise it to your lips and, as expected, a mouthful of flavor immediately sends your tongue through a virtual triathalon of taste. The familiar wine taste is there, coupled with a bold raspberry taste. Swirling throughout, is an ever so slight tickling sensation to your tastebuds. Despite the complexity of this wine’s flavor, when I swallowed my mouthful, it went down smooth and left no aftertaste. I’ve never had Spanish wine before, but if it is all this tasty and refreshing, I’m hooked. And at only $10.75 a bottle, this imported wine is a steal that even I can afford.

Rating: 4.75 / 5

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