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1 Ramp, 4 Bowling Balls, 1 Television and 150+ People = One Kickass New Year Party

This is just a quick shot I took with my cell-phone this morning as we started to clean up after our raucous New Year’s party. I DJ’d along with my friends Josh and Mike and had a great time. At midnight we smashed an old Television and Microwave, among other fragile items people brought to represent their regrets. Providing the crowd with breakables is not only a great way to symbolize moving on into a new year, but also a deterrent to keep people from wrecking the rest of your stuff. Unfortunately, due to a fight between two of the guests, we had to end the night early (3:30 AM). Other than that minor inconsideration, the night went off without a hitch. Thanks to everyone who came out and made 05/06 a New Year to remember!

I hope everyone else had a safe and happy New Years!

Now I need to scrub the floors and get some sleep.

Consumatron news and reviews will return sometime tomorrow.

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