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Sun Belle Raspberries (1/2 dry pint)

Item Purchased: Sun Belle Raspberries (1/2 dry pint)
Location Purchased: Jewel / 1224 S. Wabash Ave. / Chicago, IL
Price: $3.39 + tax

Review: Raspberries are usually a late summer crop. This might explain why it took some digging this morning to find a container of them. Blueberries and strawberries were plentiful, but I had to go to the end of the juice freezer and move a few blueberry cartons to find these things. I am hoping that the climate of Chile allows for the raspberries I bought today to be considered fresh since that is where they were grown. They taste fresh, but I’m not sure how preservatives and chemicals work. (Though I do know how tupperware works, if you need someone to model some food containers) From the one berry I ate today at work, Sun Belle Raspberries must be picked at the exact height of the season, because they were surprisingly juicy and sweet. The tanginess I love was still there, but in a perfectly balanced ratio.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

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