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From the With Friends Like These… department

Let’s hear it for the women in Lowell Massacusetts for perpetuating the stereotype of the shopping-addicted. Filene’s, in Burlington MA, is shutting its doors and offering 30-50% off. Instead of revelling in the savings, these women are lamenting the loss of what Nancye Tuttle at the Lowell Sun calls a “friend.”

“Every woman I know, not just one or two, is shocked,” said Ann Marie Page of Lowell.

What about some of the men? I’m not being funny here. I’m willing to bet that some family men are disappointed too. Why only focus on the women? What a stereotypical representation of department store clientele.

Worst of all is the optimism these women seem to be grasping at.

“Hopefully, Macy’s will pick up the ball, and hopefully, it will be good,” said Prinsen.

Yeah. Hopefully an even larger, more ubiquitous corporate entity will suck me into their lifestyle. Hopefully they will provide me with the deals and weekend respite I need to draw my attention away from my ever-growing credit card bill. (Lowell Sun)

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