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From the You Can’t Shove That Under Your Shirt department:

Sandra Ellis, superintendent of North Chicago Community Unit School District, has been charged with felony shoplifting for attempting to take $445 worth of groceries from a Springfield Wal-Mart. $445 worth of Wal-Mart groceries? I hate to admit, but when I was travelling the country, I would sometimes sleep in Wal-Mart parking lots in my van and head inside the store to get a lite breakfast in the morning. Do you realize how many groceries you would have to take from a Wal-Mart to equal $445? That’s like four cart-fulls. Not that I expect any Wal-Mart employee to care enough to stop someone from taking four carts of unpurchased groceries to their car, but this also speaks volumes about Wal-Mart’s business practices. If you are making so much profit from your shady business practices and employee care that you don’t need to train security staff well enough to notice $445 worth of groceries walking out the door, something is very wrong with your company. (ABC7 Chicago)

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