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Kraft Easy Mac Cup (2.05 oz.)

Item Purchased: Kraft Easy Mac Cup (2.05 oz.)
Location Purchased: 7-Eleven / 1350 S. Halsted / Chicago, IL
Price: $1.19 + tax

Review: Macaroni sure has come a long way. From its humble beginnings as actual cheese and fresh pasta, to the boxed Kraft Dinner (as it was once known) which is more commonly known as Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and requires milk and butter to be added, to this lazy-man’s incarnation which requires a water fountain, a microwave and not much else (except maybe Ritz Crackers in my case). Hell, you don’t even need a pot anymore, since the version of this ubiquitous lunchstuff comes in a styrofoam cup!

When I pulled back the top cover on the cup, I was greeted with a small cloud of white dust. I assume this was some kind of dehydrated butter (I always hated waiting for the butter to melt into the pasta when I was a kid). After adding the water and nuking the noodles for a couple of minutes, I was misled by the instructions on the side of my cup. The instructions referred to the cheese dust as cheese-sauce mixture. I thought that meant that it would be a real cheese sauce (like cheez whiz or something) but, alas! It was only the cheese dust we have all grown to know and love.

The taste of the easy mac is a little bland as compared to regular old Mac n’Cheese, but it works for the office snack. I really hate eating like this four days out of every week and have grown tired of my usual 7-Eleven sandwiches, so I suppose I am working my way through the microwave noodle shelf. It could be worse. I could just hit the Slurpee machine three times a day.

Rating: 3 / 5

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