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Mar. 28th - Previously Reviewed Purchases

Item Purchased: Medium Coffee from Bake For Me
Review: (LINK)
Note: Again, I asked the woman at the counter what kind of coffee they brew and she didn’t know. She told me that they get their coffee from the Bridgeport Coffee House which I learned roasts their coffee beans on site. My appologies for the false references to Superior Coffee.

Item Purchased: Camel Turkish Royal Cigarettes (Hardpack)
Price: $7.49 w/tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review: (LINK)

Item Purchased: Chocolate Chip Cookie from Caribou Coffee
Review: (LINK)

Item Purchased: Planters Smoked Almonds (1.5 oz tube)
Review: (LINK)

Item Purchased: Small Discovery Blend Coffee from Caribou
Review: (LINK)

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