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Camel Turkish Royal Cigarettes (Hardpack)

Item Purchased: Camel Turkish Royal Cigarettes (Hardpack)
Location Purchased: BP Gas Station / 1221 S. Wabash / Chicago, IL
Price: $6.13 $7.49 w/tax !!!!!

Review: I like to say that Camel Turkish Royal Cigarettes are my second choice when it comes to filling my lungs with sweet cancerous smoke, but if you were to judge by the frequency I buy them, you would think they were my first.

The truth is, American Spirit All Natural Regular Filter cigarettes are my favorite, but due to the .50 extra average I have to pay per pack and the wider availability of Camels, I end up giving RJReynolds more of my money than the Santa Fe Tobacco company. Not to mention that the Camel company has recently been sending me various promotional trinkets. First it was a money clip sans Camel logo with two coupons for $1.75 off of a pack of Camel cigarettes. No more than two days after I used the second coupon, they sent me a silver cigarette case (also sans camel logo). Not only am I saving $1.75 per pack of smokes, but there is the added anticipation of what small goodie I will receive next.

The cigarettes themselves have the faint scent of chocolate when unlit. The regular filter provides a full-bodied smoke that calms my nerves long enough for me to get some work done. When I don’t have time to roll my own cigarettes, these are definitely in my top three brands.
I am a stupid human being for smoking at all…but if you share this vice with me, I recommend trying a pack of Turkish Royals.

Note (12/11/05): I just get over being sick for three days and what do I do? Buy a pack of smokes. Yep, I’m officially an addict.

Rating: 4 / 5

10 Responses to “Camel Turkish Royal Cigarettes (Hardpack)”

  1. Dennis Lucus Says:

    Thanks for the Info. I just started smoking after 18 years off. My plan was Cigars, but I have good taste and I’m on Disability (Congestive Heart Failure. I have to make sure the Oxygen Machine is off before I light up. How dumb is that?)
    So, I also started back with my old trusted Unfiltered Camels. I don’t think they are the same now. Less flavor more Additives. I can’t even stand Tap Water. The description of the Turkish Royals tipped the scale for me, I was looking at a box today, but stuck with old faithful.
    BUT I just saw an ad today for the Native American Spirit s. I had seen them before but wasn’t impressed with the box, and didn’t see any Info. If you call they’re number you get some really great Customer Service people (Not just cause she sounded sexy. She really got me looking at their site. That’s what I want to try, cigarettes with no freakin Additives. So your comments were very helpfull.
    No steer me to a good 2 Dollar Ceeeeeegar. Thanks

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  3. Jaide Says:

    I admit to wanting to kidnap you and restrain you from smoking with all kinds of distracting other sorts of activities.
    Or was that even if you didn’t smoke….umm…

    And Dennis? A cigar is like smoking 40 cigs at once, isn’t it? Please try to die sloooowly by sticking to the cigs

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  5. Camel Enthusiast Says:

    Jadie, you are an unreasonable person who only sees your Hippie Crap side of things, and you got your information from a High school health book, you are not a smoker and shouldn’t comment on something that you will never understand. You should also Know that you make no cognitive sense. In addition, I adore Camel Turkish Royals, For Their taste, asthetic appeal, and pleasant Buzz.

  6. Tim P. Says:

    Yes, Jaide, I’m sorry but Camell Enthusiast is right. Even though cigarettes aren’t good for you at all, Camel Turkish Royals are the shit if you smoke. and a cigar is generally to be puffed, not inhaled.

  7. Dom Says:

    Hmm, if jaide is a girl I wonder what sort of distracting things she speaks of. In response to your review, teh turkish royal is my all time favorite cigarette. I used to smoke marlb reds then switched to turkish golds and then I tried a turkish royal and it is the only cig I like since 2005. Dude that’s bashing jaide about getting her info from high school health book - I might like smoking and everything, I chose to smoke that first one but these days the very least I smoke is a pack a day. I’m not going to try and bullshit anyone like yeah smoking isn’t bad for you it’s all lies. I don’t do it for my health though, so it’s cool if someone is trying to ’save my life’ I’m only 23 though and I most definitely wouldn’t be smoking if I were the dude on the oxygen and heart problems. I plan to quit, but I’m just not ready yet I love smoking too much :p If you like cigars you’ll love the royals

  8. josh Says:

    I love royals as well, but because of the high prices i am going to start making own again. does anyone know of a loose tobacco or a combination of tobacco that is the same as (or close to) Turkish royals?

  9. Says:

    turkish royals have a delightful taste and are one of the more pleasant brands to smoke at least for me although if you have the time to find them i would smoke benson and hedges. by the way Jaide you are correct cigars have something like 3 times the concentration of nicotine. but you will still get lung throat nose and mouth cancer from smoking them.

  10. Steven Lyon Says:

    I love camel turkish gold but I’m finding less and less of it in my area would anyone be willing to say that royals are an on par replacement for flavor and smoothness?

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