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3 Berghoff Pints from The Hideout

Item Purchased: 3 Berghoff Pints from The Hideout
Location Purchased: The Hideout / 1354 W Wabansia / Chicago, IL
Price: $3.00 ea + tax

Review: Berghoff seems to be the house beer at one of the best little bars in Chicago. The Hideout frustrates with its near impossibility to access from convenient public transportation but delights with its consistently high-quality music bookings. The Hideout is a place where you can see one of Chicago’s best-kept secrets, Kelly Hogan, play a show with John Wesley Harding one day and walk into a DJ spinning some dirty funk the next day. All for a low cover and a welcoming atmosphere of genuine music lovers sprinkled with just a few hipster mannequins striking the pose. In addition to music, the Hideout has been known to throw varied events such as author readings and book swaps. Regardless of your lack of a car, you should hop on that bike or simply strut yourself down to the Hideout any night of the week for a friendly staff, pleasantly drunk regulars and some of the best happenings in the Chicagoland area.

Berghoff pilsner is light yellow in color, bright, tingly and refreshing in taste and a tad bit bitter. I know I should stand by my hoppy Wisconsin bretheren, but I just can’t help crying in bitter beer, even if the bitterness is designed to be part of the full flavor. I’d still take Berghoff over a Miller Lite, but give me a Sprecher or Point any damn day before one of these.

Rating: 3 / 5

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