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O Organics Cheese Quesadillas (3 - 3oz. quesadillas)

Item Purchased: O Organics Cheese Quesadillas (3 - 3oz. quesadillas)
Location Purchased: Dominick’s / 1340 S. Canal St. / Chicago, IL
Price: $2.59 + tax

Review: The “O” Organics brand is Dominick’s house brand of healthy and (surprise) organic foods for people who want to have a more conscious and equally convenient choice in their weekly hunting/gathering expedition. Good idea. I respect a company that tries to make healthy and organic food an easy option. It may not be the highest quality, but it is a step toward making otherwise inattentive consumers pay attention. Though I don’t know much about Dominick’s and just because something is organic doesn’t necessarily mean that some kind of child labor or other nefarious practice isn’t involved, getting people to pay attention to anything is one of the hardest steps. The “O” brand of food (in no way affiliated with Oprah, thankfully) is modestly packaged in mostly white, priced lower than most other organic products and offers a variety of foods and flavors. Why, then, did I buy these simple and overpriced cheese quesadillas.

For the same price of this box of frozen tortillas and cheese, I could have bought four times the number of tortillas and double the amount of cheese and simply made my own quesadillas. There is nothing special about this product at all, save for the fact that you can open, heat and eat. To buy O organics cheese quesadillas on a regular basis is a sign of pure laziness and dependence on machines to prepare your meals for you. Even in a work environment, where convenience foods come in handy, these things are ludicrous.

Rating: 0.25 / 5

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