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Oasis Greek Style Pita Bread (16 oz.)

Item Purchased: Oasis Greek Style Pita Bread (16 oz.)
Location Purchased: Whole Foods / 1640 Chicago Ave. / Evanston, IL
Price: $2.39 + tax

Review: I’m not sure what makes a pita Greek style. Whenever I hear the term “Greek style” I think of something that happens behind closed bedroom doors between two consenting adults. Of course, I have a dirty mind and had a sexually frustrated adolescence, so pay no attention to what I just wrote.

Regardless of the exact nature of this pita bread’s development, I will say that the taste and texture of it is pretty great. There are mild scorch marks from whatever oven it was made in, giving it a robust flavor, and they are easily split open to make sandwiches with if you should choose so. Most pitas I buy from the store tend to stick together and can only be used for dipping. Though I primarily used these pita breads for dipping, it is at least comforting to realize that I have options. Maybe that is what “Greek style” refers to… Quality and care. Maybe I should get my mind out of the gutter and respect a culture’s culinary tradition rather than make lame jokes about it.


Rating: 4.25 / 5

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