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Small Guatemala Atitlan Coffee

Item Purchased: Small Guatemala Atitlan Coffee
Location Purchased: Caribou Coffee / 1328 S. Halsted / Chicago, IL
Price: $1.50 + tax

Review: It is hard to believe, as much as I am in Caribou grabbing a drink or snack to break up my work day, that I have never had this particular blend of their coffee. They must brew it at this location primarily on days I do not work. Too bad for me. This one is a keeper.

Caribou’s Guatemala Atitlan blend is one of the lighter roasts they offer. Frequent Consumatron readers know how much I like light roast coffee. For those of you who are new here (or to coffee), the more you roast a bean, the more caffeine you lose in the process. Therefore, dark roast = sacrilegious. I think that Starbucks is conditioning us to have a taste for dark roasted coffee so that when we are all dependent on it, they will stop injecting their beans with extra caffeine and we will all become zombies willing to do Howard Schultz’s bidding.

This is why I drink this tasty light roast coffee which is naturally imbued with oodles of caffeine to help you fight whatever may slow your day, whether that is zombies or just your co-worker’s inane chit-chat. The Guatemala Atitlan blend is also one of the few coffees that Caribou claims to contain fruit flavors that I can vaguely taste when I drink the finished product. Just a hint of fruit makes this velvety coffee one that I will keep my eyes open for… And with.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

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