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From the It’s True… They Made A Movie About It! department:

I use cash for nearly every purchase. If I do use a credit card, it is usually a debit card connected to my checking account. I don’t like to spend more money than I have and I especially don’t like to owe someone who I don’t even know anything. I have a balance of nearly $4,000 on my credit card and it feels like $400,000 to me. Living the spend-what-you-have lifestyle is difficult sometimes and it doesn’t mesh with what is deemed socially hip, but it has taught me how to be a happier individual in the long run. The culture of debt in our country and the world is ridiculous. Money is simply borrowed into existence every minute. Some people make money off of this very fact. No longer does it matter how much paper is in your billfold. Money is rather like points in a video game. Consumerism and economics is based on how many points we owe each other at any given moment. And there are new points owed every minute. We like to hang on to the idea that our money is worth something and believe that we are some of the wealthiest people in the world.

The new documentary, Maxed Out sets out to prove this wrong and wake us up to how horribly impoverished and disadvantaged the average person is. Currently the filmmakers are seeking a distribution deal but you can see this film at a few upcoming film festivals around the U.S. I have a feeling this film will open at least a few eyes.

(Maxed Out via Star Telegram)

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