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Bravo Greek Coffee (490 g.)

Item Purchased: Bravo Greek Coffee (490 g.)
Location Purchased: Artopolis / 306 S. Halsted St. / Chicago, IL
Price: $6.50 + tax

Review: My name is Kevin, and I am a Greek Coffee addict.

Thank you for the applause, but I don’t deserve it. You see, ever since my girlfriend’s mother gave me a briki and bag of stoned coffee, I have come to enjoy not only the density and flavor of this Icarus dust, but the process of preparing it as well. Every morning I find myself rushing half naked into the kitchen to carefully spoon the delicious powder (with equal parts crystalline sugar) into an eager water bath atop the open blue flame. Oh that beautiful flame, calling to me from the exhilarating heights of consciousness.

I do not partake in my addiction to get away from it all like so many other addicts do. No, I do it to bring myself fully and quickly into it all.

Obviously, I wasn’t into it all when I purchased this bag of Bravo brand Greek Coffee, because I didn’t notice the Mexican caricature on the package until I got home and made my first demitasse of enlightenment. It seems that much like our Frito Bandito and Juan Valdez, an image of a hispanic man also says “coffee” to Greece.

Though not as strong as the I was given, Bravo is a bit less expensive. I’m not sure if the sticky consistency of the bag’s contents make that difference in price worth it though. Still, any Greek coffee saves me from wasting half of the full pot of coffee my eyes force me to make when brewing American style.

I will show you my gritty, grainy addiction here, raw and jump-cut new-wave style:

The amount of coffee you end up with is just a bit more than an espresso shot. Powerful and pleasant to the taste, one of these will probably be enough to kick-start your day, but if not, it is easy enough to make another one. Often times, I will make myself a double…

…but I don’t have a problem. I can handle my coffee.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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