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I said it was coming, so here it is. I’ve got some extra swag laying around and instead of adding to my nearly complete dust collection, I thought I’d give you readers out there a chance to score some of it for yourself! That’s why I’m going to start holding a monthly contest here on!

November’s contest is inspired by the recent coma my digital camera decided to fall into. Because my camera is costing me some serious money and time to get fixed, I have not been able to include many pictures on the site. This is where you come in. What I need is for you, dear reader, is to supply me with pictures of products I have reviewed and have not had a photo/drawing posted with them.

Any review I have written during the tenure of the site is fair game… as long as there is no picture already associated with the review. All you need to do in order to be entered into the contest is draw or take a picture of the item I reviewed and post it to the Nov. 2006 Contest forum. Each entry will score you an entry into this month’s contest and also be used on as the primary picture for the review entry. You may enter as many times as you like.

Unfortunately, I have limited bandwidth, so you will have to find your own way to host your picture until I incorporate it to the site and link to it using BBCode. (I recommend getting yourself a or Photobucket account).

What about for those of you that don’t have a digital camera/scanner/artistic ability? Don’t worry! You can enter too. There are three four ways to enter this contest:

1. Take a photo of an item and post a link to it in the forum. (each photo scores you one entry)
2. Draw a picture of an item and post a link to it in the forum. (each
drawn/painted/collaged/sculpted picture scores you two entries)
3. Draw a picture for use in my site updates (see here and here for examples) and post a link to it in the forum. (each picture scores you two entries)
4. Donate to (every $2.00 donated scores you one entry - Donation button is located on the right-hand sidebar)

You may enter as many times as you wish, using any of the three methods above. All pictures submitted must be taken or drawn by the submitter to qualify as an entry.

The Prize(s)

First Place: The first prize that is up for grabs is a signed copy of Douglas Rushkoff’s newest non-fiction book, . Douglas is one of my favorite modern thinkers/writers/people and everyone could stand to learn something from the ideas raised in this unconventional business book regardless of your interest in the business world. You can read my review of this fantastic book on Mediatron. Doug was nice enough to sign some books for the raffle I held at the 1st annual Revue, and then some. This is the “then some.”

Second Place: T-Shirt from

I have more prizes to offer and I will add prizes as I see fit. So get to entering!

The Fine Print

Any photos or pictures you link to in the forum will be posted to the site using a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license. All photos/pictures used on will be credited to their creator within the review they are attached to, including a hyperlink to your personal site if you so choose. No obscene (as defined by my personal judgement) pictures will be included on the site or qualify for a contest entry. In the event that two entries are submitted for the same product, only the first entry will be used, so keep your eye on the forum. Winner(s) will be drawn from a hat-like object at 11:59 PM (Chicago time) on November 30th, 2006. Rules/Prizes subject to change per my whims, but don’t worry… they probably won’t.


What are you waiting for? Get your cameras, colored pencils, crayons, or collage materials out, start scouring the archives and post a link to your entry in the forum (or donate that $2.00)! I will keep you updated on the contest’s status as the month goes on.

Thanks, and have fun with it!

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