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From the Reasons Not To Buy Into A Homeowner’s Association department:

If Pagosa Springs, Colorado is any barometer of the holiday spirit, you can cross “peace on earth” and “good will toward men” off of the list of things this time of year is all about. Lisa Jensen hung a wreath shaped like a peace symbol outside of her home on Nov. 19th. A few days later, the Loma Linda Homeowners Association contacted Lisa and told her that she needed to take down her wreath because other homeowners were offended by the peace sign. The association is charging her $25 for every day the wreath remains up. Loma Linda HOA president, Bob Kearns, said that “some people have kids in Iraq and they are sensitive.” He also said that some believe that the peace sign is a symbol of Satan. To top that all off, Bob fired all five members of the HOA’s architectural control committee when they refused to require the wreath’s removal.

Lisa is refusing to take her general statement of peace on earth down until after Christmas and estimates her total fines to be over $1000.00.

Remind me never to sign a homeowners’ association agreement with other living people.

(Rocky Mountain News)

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