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Adriana Salad From Massa

Item Purchased: Adriana Salad From Massa
Location Purchased: Massa Italian Cafe / 807 W. Roosevelt Rd. / Chicago, IL
Price: $6.49 + tax

Review: Back from the holidays and into the grind again. I had so many cookies and candies and meats over the last four days that I couldn’t imagine ordering another prosciutto and salami sandwich. I also didn’t think I could quit the meat cold turkey. I had to come down from my binge slowly, so I opted for this light greens bowl with a grilled chicken breast on top.

Though not as flavorful as the Mandalay salad that I usually order, Massa’s Adrianna is still tasty. Loaded with sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, red peppers and lightly laced with red onions, this romaine salad is enough to fill you up without making you feel full. Though the price is a little higher than the rest of Massa’s salads (due to the chicken breast), the price is still worth the quality of the food.

Rating: 3.75 / 5

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