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Mexican Scramble from Eleven City Diner

Item Purchased: Mexican Scramble from Eleven City Diner
Location Purchased: Eleven City Diner / 1112 S. Wabash / Chicago, IL
Price: $8.95 + tax

Review: I am surprised beyond all explanation that I have not ever reviewed this dish from Eleven City Diner before. This means that I have either gotten this meal comped in the past or someone has purchased it for me each and every one of the handfuls of times I have enjoyed it.

Okay, well, obviously I like this dish, otherwise I wouldn’t have ordered it so many times, but I can’t say it is the best of its kind. Eleven City’s Mexican Scramble consists of eggs scrambled with green onion and spicy chorizo sausage. Topped with salsa, cheese and served inside of two hard taco shells, the primary focus of the dish will fill you up before you even get to the side of potatoes or toast. The chorizo is on the mild end of the spice scale and somewhat greasy. I’d much rather have my chorizo cooked longer before being mixed into the eggs, but all in all, this dish is a pleasant palatte pleaser that won’t have your co-workers avoiding your breath (unless you forgot to brush, of course).

If you are looking for something to challenge your spice tolerance, head on down to Huck Finn’s, but if you want something that will have you marvelling at the subtle mix of flavors within, stick to Eleven City.

Rating: 4.00 / 5

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