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Whole Bean Costa Rica Coffee from Bridgeport Coffee House (1 lb. bag)

Item Purchased: Whole Bean Costa Rica Coffee from Bridgeport Coffee House (1 lb. bag)
Location Purchased: Bridgeport Coffee House / 3101 S. Morgan St. / Chicago, IL
Price: $10.00 + tax

Review: During the week, I make myself a cup of Greek coffee. A single serving (actually, a double) for the morning crunch before I have to be at work is good enough for me. For those lazy weekends, when I lay around the house trying to convince myself to wash the dishes and do laundry, I like to have a full pot brewing. By mid-day, I’m as wired as a Google server. Unable to hold a dish, let alone wash it, not much in the way of chores gets done, but damn if I don’t get something creative out of the cobwebby nooks of my consciousness.

Bridgeport Coffee House is the perfect place to stock up on brain cleaning seeds. Their coffees are locally roasted, not too dark and more affordable than the more recognizable names in the legalized drug market.

The Costa Rica blend from BPCH is a medium roast that drinks like a light. Inner flavors of the coffee bean become full and bloom in your mouth. The slight earthiness reminds you that you are drinking coffee while the smooth and crisp finish prepare your palette for another cup. A perfect coffee with a midrange price for a perfect guy with a midrange… uh… nope… can’t tie that one up poetically.

I guess I need another cup.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

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