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Myland Combination Sharpening Stone

Item Purchased: Myland Combination Sharpening Stone
Location Purchased: Woks ‘N’ Things / 2234 S. Wentworth Ave. / Chicago, IL
Price: $3.75 + tax

Review: My girlfriend, knowing my culinary tendencies and pipe dream chef aspirations, bought me a last Christmas. Even if I’m only going to be a serious cook in the confines of my own kitchen, I better take care of my tools. The truth is, I love experimenting in the kitchen and take my cooking fairly seriously. And as with anything you take seriously, I believe you should treat the tools you use with care. That’s why I bought a sharpening stone.

For only $3.75, this Myland sharpening stone gets a job done that is invaluable to anyone who cooks a lot. With both a medium and fine grain side, this stone makes sharpening any knife to razor reach an easy job. After only a minute of running my knife along both edges, I could feel a significant difference in the sharpness of my blade.

I’m sure there are better stones out there… name brand or what have you… but if it gets the job done, I don’t see why this modest four dollar score wouldn’t be an acceptable option.

Rating: / 5

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