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Three Treasures Chow Mein from Lee Wing Wah Restaurant

Item Purchased: Three Treasures Chow Mein
Location Purchased: Lee Wing Wah Restaurant / 2147 S. China Pl. / Chicago, IL
Price: $8.95 + tax

Review: Who doesn’t like treasure? Let alone three treasures? Our waitress told us that the three treasures in this chow mein dish were pork, chicken and ham. This led to a discussion between my roommate, Josh, and I about the difference between pork and ham. He said it was the same thing. I said it was something different by restaurant standards. Josh was right.

So our treasures were pork, ham and more pork?

Not really.

I considered the third treasure to be the perfectly fried chow mein noodles in this dish. On the outside, the noodles were crispy and almost dry. Near the center, the noodles were tender and soppy with delicious brown sauce. Absolutely delicious!

Lee Wing Wah is a great restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown to take larger groups of friends or just a couple of people to share plates. The staff is pleasant, but quick. You may feel rushed, but with such a limited seating plan, they simply must be, in order to generate the highest turnover rate of customers. Inexpensive food in large portions, cheap and strong mixed drinks and a somewhat loud, but pleasant atmosphere makes this one of the better lunch stops on your trip to Chinatown. We’re not talking fancy gourmet food, but real, good and hearty Chinese fare that will keep you going.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

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