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News - More Foreign Press (I wish I could read Lithuanian)

The lithuanian daily newspaper, Lietuvos Rytas, published a story about online review culture. I was interviewed about Consumatron.com by the reporter and quite a bit of what I said made it into the article. I just wish I could read Lithuanian. While I’d love to read the article itself, I’d REALLY LOVE to read the comments on the newspaper’s website regarding the article.

(As a bonus, they used a photo that I took of the pigeon I ate. Okay, so who wants to hire me as a food photographer?)

(Link to Story)

2 Responses to “News - More Foreign Press (I wish I could read Lithuanian)”

  1. Brigita Says:

    Hi dear author I am Lithuanian and i can translate article published in Lietuvos Rytas and comments to it from Lithuanian, if you are still interested! Write me an email. Regards!

  2. Monika Says:

    Thank you for your contribution, Kevin. Your blog is amazing and we wish you all the best in keeping it alive. As for the comments… “Lietuvos rytas” readers think that we have never met you in person and translated the article about you from foreign press. Some of them even question if I ever visited the US at all. Or maybe you don’t exist whatsoever. You see, everything is relative:)

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