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Dell’ Alpe Sun Dried Tomatoes in Pure Olive Oil (7.5 fl. oz. jar)

Item Purchased: Dell’ Alpe Sun Dried Tomatoes in Pure Olive Oil (7.5 fl. oz. jar)
Location Purchased: Dominick’s / 3145 S. Ashland / Chicago, IL
Price: $7.05 + tax

Review: The problem with being both poor and a foodie of sorts is that sometimes I end up spending more on a 7.5 ounce jar of simple ingredients than most people spend on a gallon of gas. I’d be willing to bet the $7.05 I spent on this jar of common fruit that I got more enjoyment and worth out of my purchase than any average driver got out of their last gallon of gas, though.

I’d love to be able to say that I sun-dry my own tomatoes from the balcony of my Mediterranean villa. As it stands, however, the nearest I get to saying that is when I hang a sweaty t-shirt over the rickety railing on my porch to air out. Both are fragrant and possess a strong flavor, yet only one is worth paying for. (anyone who thinks it is the latter, please contact me privately, maybe we can work out a deal)

I love dried tomatoes on salads and toasted baguettes, but the dry packed variety tend to take on the consistency of beef jerky rather than a vegetable of any sort. It is only when packed in an oil, that sun dried tomatoes become pliable and easy to chop up for inclusion in several dishes. Dell’ Alpe’s sun-dried tomatoes are supremely flavorful, holding all of the natural sweetness that a good tomato drips with and is somewhat enhanced with the taste of surprisingly good olive oil.

Dell’ Alpe is the most affordable brand of Italian foods in the Chicago area, and as long as you stay away from their dry spices, you get something worth the price.

Still… at $7.00 for this small jar, I doubt this will be something that will consistently be found in my pantry.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

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