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Breakfast Croissant w/Bacon from Coffee Pot & Mail Drop Cafe

Item Purchased: Breakfast Croissant w/Bacon
Location Purchased: Coffee Pot & Mail Drop Cafe / 2725 S. Archer Ave. / Chicago, IL
Price: $ 2.50+ tax
Purchased on: 10/06/07

Review: I think I’m the first place on the World Wide Webernet to publish anything about this new Bridgeport coffeehouse. I, for one, am extremely grateful that there is a coffee shop within walking distance (even in the harsh winter of Chicago) from my apartment. I’m even more grateful that it is a coffee shop run by a local family who are nothing but friendly and extremely brave for undertaking a venture like this in a city sea of Starbucks and Caribou. Luckily, the wave of caffeinated ubiquity hasn’t hit Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood yet.

Coffee Pot & Mail Drop (named thusly because they offer both coffee and postal boxes) is located on a oft-sped through stretch of Archer Ave where there is a screen printing business and not much else. It is, however the gateway to Chinatown. My hopes is that this brings meandering commuters and neighborhood denizens through their doors.

Once you walk through those doors, however, you feel like you are visiting your own family’s cafe. Roy (the owner) is friendly, happy to see you and willing to engage in conversation with his customers. Once you become a customer, you become happy, welcomed and full. One thing you don’t become is poor. Nothing on the menu at Coffee Pot is over $6.00, and though I expect the prices to rise a bit as the business works out its kinks, this isn’t a place you go to find fancy lunches, it’s a place you go to be your home away from home. Your study, your family room, your public private place that sits only a few blocks away from the rest of your world. Proximity is a factor, but I sure am glad my proximity to this place is so small.

My breakfast croissant was simple. Flakey croissant, lightly squishy from being nuked in a microwave with a bit of egg and bacon in between it.

Nothing special, but not all purchases are about the product you buy. That is exactly why I’ll be going back to the quirky, out of place and genuine Coffee Pot & Mail Drop Cafe.

You should too.

Rating: 3.75 / 5

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