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Cheese Fries from CND Gyros and Lounge

Item Purchased: Cheese Fries
Location Purchased: CND Gyros and Lounge / 205 E. Grand Ave. / Chicago, IL
Price: $2.95 + tax
Purchased on: 10/17/07

Review: This scrumptious dive dish falls under the category of so gross it’s good.

As another addition to my eyes-bigger-than-stomach, I-feel-like-garbage-so-i’ll-eat-garbage lunch, this was meant to be a small side of fries. I didn’t realize that even soggy fries and cheese that looked like liquid plastic are such inexpensive resources that if we were to produce a car that could run off of the stuff, world peace would ensue.

Despite the disgusting flash deep-fried soggy fries (accented by the occasional crispy one) and the sticky veneer of orange laid like a blanket on top, I actually tend to like this foodstuff. I don’t eat it often, but every once in a while, I just need to indulge. American cheese is not cheese. It’s generally an all-out disgusting invention that serves simultaneously as an insult to real cheese everywhere.

I have to admit, though… I like this orange globby substance on two things:

1. Grilled Cheese (with mustard smothered on the inside of the bread and dipped in one of my other hated foodstuffs: ketchup)
2. poorly made chees fries

So, can I say these were good? No. Can I say I enjoyed them? Yes. Can I say I finished them? No way! This is literally a mountain of potato strips! I offer a warning. Only eat this with friends! (If you are someone I love, don’t eat these at all… this is $9.95 worth of heart attack for only $2.95).

Rating: 2.75 / 5

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