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Gyro Sandwich from CND Gyros and Lounge

Item Purchased: Gyro Sandwich
Location Purchased: CND Gyros and Lounge / 205 E. Grand Ave. / Chicago, IL
Price: $4.95 + tax
Purchased on: 10/17/07

Review: CND is a dive bar lover’s time warp and an anomaly in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood. From the inside of the back lounge area in the back, you could be in any bar on any small lake with insects and fishermen buzzing about outside around the nearby lake. I’m not quite sure who in this world thinks that gyros and martinis go hand in hand, but whoever does designed the graphic for CND’s take-out menu.

Despite the overwhelmingly greasy feeling one gets when entering the grill entrance of CND, their gyro sandwich is surprisingly tasty. The gyro meat is a spiced beef/lamb mixture cut directly from a greasy spit and nothing stands out from the hundreds of other gyro stands in the city. After being grilled, stuffed into a deep pita and topped generously with crisp onions and fresh tomatoes, you end up with two fistfuls of lunch at a reasonable price. It’s greasy and gassy, but on days like Wednesday, when I felt like crap, sometimes you just have to eat like crap. That isn’t a judgment call on the gyro, however. CND is the place to stop if you find yourself craving a decent snack at a decent price in this part of town.

Not to mention, the ambiance will take you away from the slow and wide walkers on nearby Michigan Ave. CND is a place to relax, eat, drink and maybe fiddle with the jukebox or have a conversation with one of the old timers who’ll tell you how things have changed. CND is hunting lodge dive bar bliss at its best.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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