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Consumatron Turns Two!

It came and went faster than I could post a review of the two Woot T-Shirts I bought (coming soon… for now, just head over there and buy some kick ass clothing!), but October’s over and Consumatron.com is entering its third year of existence. That’s right, we just turned two!

In blog years, two is equal to like three and a half years or so… Can someone check the conversion on that?

Anyway, I’m getting over a nasty case of bronchitis and the whirlwind hell that was October, but I just wanted to say thanks to you all who have been keeping up with this little experiment of sorts.

Here’s to making this the best year of Consumatron yet. No more dawdling in the adolescence of ego-centric self publishing. Time to get serious… or at least settle into a job we hate in order to pay off our loans. Still, remember how those years are remembered fondly as the best years of your life? It is in that spirit that I will continue and attempt to expand the breadth of this site. No resolutions or promises, just renewed vigor for this unique space that we’ve carved out as bloggers, commenters and readers.

I sincerely hope you’ll stay with me and lend your voice as Consumatron grows a little bit more, gets rid of the acne and awkward smell and further finds its footing.

It’s been a weird, fun and enlightening two years. Here’s to an even better third.

All my sincerest thanks for making this a fun place to type every day,

One Response to “Consumatron Turns Two!”

  1. transiit Says:

    Oh crap, you’re supposed to get rid of the awkward smell after the two year mark?

    I better get moving on that.

    But hey, congratulations on making it this far, thanks for doing it, and something something about more years to come.


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