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From the Changealujah! department

I went to see the new documentary, What Would Jesus Buy?, last night. I’ll post a review later this weekend, but for now, I’d just like to point you in the direction of the subject, Rev. Billy’s latest blog post. Billy’s schtick is primarily spectacle that makes us stop and question, but this is a great answer to a question that bothers me on a regular basis: If we stop buying sweatshop products, won’t that ruin the lives of those working in them even further?

Our assumption that if these Chinese children in the factories lost their jobs from our boycotts, that they will then starve — this is as absurd as George Bush’s statement “If you love your country – go out and shop.”

We can’t assume that these people had no economy before we showed up. That is imperial arrogance.

(Read the rest of Rev. Billy’s answer)

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