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Authentic Greek Feta In Brine (10.5 oz.)

Item Purchased: Authentic Greek Feta In Brine (10.5 oz.)
Location Purchased: Trader Joe’s / 44 E. Ontario St. / Chicago, IL
Price: $5.49 + tax
Purchased on: 01/22/08

Review: I’ve had feta cheese hand delivered from Greece several times now, so any time I try a feta or a Kalamata olive from a grocery store here in the states, chances are, I’m a harsher critic than most of you reading this. That being said, the feta that Trader Joe’s stocks is a far sight better than most. One of this product’s major pluses is the brine that the cheese comes submerged in. So much feta cheese available in my grocer’s dairy section is either crumbled and approaching Styrofoam consistency or cut into dry blocks and lacking any real flavor. In addition to the briny flavor and moist crumbling consistency, Trader Joe’s feta also is pre-split into two equal size bricks for easy use over salads, crackers and other dishes or ready to be easily cut into bite sized cubes. Its creamy rich taste may not exceed the fetas at the top of my list, but they it does surpass most of the feta you are likely to see on a normal grocery run.

Also, as an added bonus, the sturdy container comes in handy as a reusable ingredient bowl when I am cooking or a short term tupperware replacement.

Rating: 4 / 5

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