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Consumer Bites: 01/31/08

  • You can now track your Domino’s pizza delivery online. Well… at least until the pizza leaves the restaurant. Why can you do this? According to Domino’s Technology Chief, Chris McGlothlin, it’s because “It’s an emotional roller coaster when you order.” Yeah… Uhm… Methinks someone’s been hitting the oregano a little too hard. (link)
  • Anyone have a couple billion dollars I can borrow? I want to get in on this Chicago luxury hotel market that seems to be booming! (link)
  • What? Don’t believe me that the hotel industry is booming? Trump Tower is already trying to open before it’s even done being built. They’re even cutting corners and labor relations already! (link)
  • Wait a second. Not only are people buying the stupid Amazon Kindle, but there is a backlog of orders? (link)
  • Craft Magazine cuts article by Jean Railla that questions the consumerism of DIY crafting. Magazine says it is “anti-religious” then says that the article was cut as a “matter of timing and space issues.” One thing… the article was written for Railla’s regular column. (link via The Stop Shopping Monitor)

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