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Consumer Bites: 02/01/08

  • 13-year-old Cody Young parked his bike inside the front door of his local Goodwill because he didn’t have a lock. The store sold the bike a few minutes later for $6.99. Throw in a couple of toughs and a fast-approaching bike race, and you have all of the elements for a children’s movie from the 80’s. (link via Obscure Store)
  • Inspirational fiction author, Paulo Coelho has been giving away free digital versions of his books for years. His sales have never suffered for it. I hate to admit that Coelho has done something cool. I liked the Alchemist when I first read it, but the more I think of that book, the more it inspires me to regurgitate my breakfast. (link via Three Percent)
  • Good news! McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches are selling more now that Starbucks announced that they were canceling theirs. Oh wait… that’s not good news. Sorry. (link)

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